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Hail damage reported in Crisp County

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

CORDELE, GA (WALB) –More than one thousand hail and wind-related insurance claims have been reported after weekend severe weather in Georgia.

And that's just to State Farm, Georgia's largest home and auto insurance company. Many of those claims came from Crisp County.

Weekend weather hit parts of Crisp County hard, high winds knocked down trees, and golf ball sized hail slammed into cars and homes leaving some folks with quite a headache.

Tuesday workers were busy cutting down limbs and removing fallen branches, and roofing companies and body shops were busy with repairs,"We've seen four or five today but I'm sure more will be coming," said Jerry Odom, Owner of Jerry's Auto body and Collision Repair.

Insurance companies are also busy processing hail and wind related claims, "One of the insurance companies told us that yesterday morning, they had 80 calls from the state of Georgia," said Elaine Odom.

But damage aside, W.C Webb says witnessing the storm was terrifying on its own. "It was an experience I've never seen in my life, it was unreal,"he said.

He and his wife were inside their lakefront home when the hail hit. "The water was so choppy I thought fish were jumping, and then I thought God its not..its hail," he said.

After the storm passed, he says the damage it caused was shocking. "To actually be in a storm that totally just ruined shrubbery, our flowers, our house it was unreal, it was absolutely unreal."

Jerry Odom, owner of Jerry's Auto Body Shop has seen his fair share of hail damaged vehicles. He says some vehicles got it worse than others. "I think the sheriffs department vehicle was one of the worst we have seen," said Elaine Odom.

As the week goes on, they anticipate seeing more vehicles with damages come into the shop.

Insurance companies advise folks in an area that experienced hail to check your vehicle for any hail damage. Representatives tell me typically, hail will not chip paint on a vehicle when it hits. It will just leave a dent. Also, hail does not usually chip away glass on the wind shied when it hits either. If you are unsure, call your insurance company, or have a body shop take a look at it for you.

State farm says they had more wind and hail claims in Georgia last year than in all but two other states.

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