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Archbold unveils robotic surgery program

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Physician-controlled robotic surgery has made its way to Thomasville. One innovative surgical tool will reduce hospitalization costs and trauma to patients. Many traditionally open surgeries will now be minimally invasive.

This is the new DaVinci system at Archbold Memorial Hospital. DaVinci uses advanced robotic technology allowing surgeons to operate through small, dime size incisions.

Operators of the machine say it will be a major improvement for both surgeons and patients. "The patient will have less pain because we don't have to torque their body to get the appropriate angle to do the surgery," said Dr. Barbara Mccollum.

The DaVinci will be used by surgeons at Archbold to treat general, urological and gynecologic surgery conditions. Dr. Mccollum says it will not only better the life of the patient. "It will extend the life of the surgeon I think because you are sitting in a console, it's not as physically demanding. You're not torquing your body over the patient to complete traditional laparoscopy."

The DaVinci can also be a career saver. "If you do develop a tremor as you age this machine filters it out," said Mccollum.

Mccollum says there was extensive training to learn how to operate the machine. She says they attended webinars, witnessed live surgeries, and, "Than we actually had to operate on a pig for approximately eight to ten hours to learn how to do that with a human."

Mccollum says she expects the majority of cases to come from gynecologic patients. She says the average recovery time will be reduced from two days to around 23 hours. 30 percent of all hysterectomies and gynecologic surgeries in this country are performed with the use of the Davinci.

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