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Violence shocks parents

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Deirdre Taylor and daughter Kadedra Deirdre Taylor and daughter Kadedra
Jacqueline and Quanisha Davis Jacqueline and Quanisha Davis

The parents of two teenage girls injured in a weekend brawl in Albany say they're shocked by the violence.

Police tell us more than 40 people were involved in the fight late Friday night during a teen party at an Albany event center. Two girls ended up in the hospital.

The two 15-year-old girls said they were hit by men as they tried to run from the fight inside the Club River on Flint Avenue Friday night. One girl was knocked unconscious, the other had to have surgery to repair her eye.

15-year-old Quanisha Davis, an Albany High 9th grader, is on heavy pain medication recovering from surgery she underwent in Macon Saturday. Witnesses say a man hit inside the Club River at a Friday night teen party.

Jacqueline Davis, Quanisha's mother, said "Evidently he hit her in the eye with something. Because the bone is broken around the eye. She had to have surgery, where a metal plate was entered in her eye."

 "She said she was just trying to get out of the way of the big fight broke out. She was going out a side door and that's when the guy hit her,"  Davis said.

15-year-old Kadedra Taylor is still having headaches and jaw pain, after being knocked unconscious at the Club River brawl.

 "A fight had broken out, and when the fight had broken out it became bigger. Then the security guard, there were only two security guards, they tried to make everybody get out," Taylor said.

Friends told Taylor a boy hit her as she went out the door, knocking her unconscious. Police say the fight started inside the club, and spilled out into the road. Both Mothers say a bad element of Albany teenagers are the problem.

"They need to close it down, because these kids just get out of control. All this fighting and going on rather than going to have fun," said Davis.

 "So they really going to need more security, because these kids, if they are coming, they coming in gangs to do what they, whatever it is they trying to do," said Kadedra's mother Deirdre Taylor.

Both Mothers say their children will not be going to any more teen events, and warn other parents. Quanisha is scheduled to undergo more surgery next week.

 We were scheduled to interview Club River owner, Imelda Allen, yesterday, and today, but she did not show up and is not returning our phone calls. On the phone, she blamed the teens for the fight, but said it all happened outside her event center, in the street.

Police say it started inside her center, and then continued in the street.


 Albany Police and Gang Unit officers continue to investigate the brawl, but so far they have made no arrests.


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