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New CPR device saves lives

By Stephen Abel - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - This equipment may not look like much, but firefighters say it is the future of life saving technology. Thomas County Fire and Rescue just placed these new Lucas Two devices in the rural fire stations of Ochlocknee, Coolidge and Boston.

Although these devices are expensive, they are also very effective. "Times are hard and our budget is at a minimal, however we thought this was a priority because it comes down to saving peoples lives," said Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones.

The Lucas Two device is an automated chest compression device designed for use on patients suffering cardiac arrest. The device is already a success in Thomasville. "Since we put them on our frontline trucks that we run out of the city here, we run five trucks, we've seen an increase in saves in cardiac arrests," said EMS Captain Tim Coram.

A 13 percent increase to be exact. Coram says the device also protects the first responder. "You reduce injuries from long periods of doing chest compressions like from Meigs to Archbold."

Coram says this equipment is a major help, but not a total replacement. "It does not take the place of early CPR. I mean we still need the people in the small towns to learn CPR, we need them to start CPR when the patient goes down. It's just a tool that helps us."

Both Chief Jones and Captain Coram say they hope the Lucas Two device will one day be standard in every emergency rescue department across the nation.

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