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Wildfire grows in Clinch County

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By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

CLINCH COUNTY, GA (WALB) -  The Arabia Bay Swamp fire started months ago, but it flared back up this week because of high winds.

Last night, the fire jumped Highway 122 and was burning out of control.

It threatened homes along Highway 441 and homeowners used garden hoses to spray their yards to protect their property.

They're still trying to get it under control. The wildfire continues to rip through Clinch County.

About 8700 acres have burned This is video of the fire after it jumped across Highway 441 Friday. Firefighters have been working to protect structures Rangers are plowing brakes. Helicopters dumped water. No home have been damaged but 60 people evacuated Thursday night including Jim Vickers who went back to his house this morning. He's been soaking his property with water to protect it.

"I was thinking I may come back and that which I call home will not be there anymore," said Jim Vickers.

Portions of highway 441 are closed and 122. Smoke is thick and motorists are urged to use caution.

Firefighters from Albany, Worth and Berrien Counties are among many assisting in battling the Clinch County fire.

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