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Florida man invents handicap motorcycle

By Julia Bagg
Miami, FL (NBC)- Polio may have confined Christ Tavantzis to a wheelchair 60 years ago, but it can't stop him from breaking free on the open road.

Christ Tavantzis says "it's just that raw feeling, raw emotion. You just like the physical sensation of what's happening here."

He drew up his idea to build this prototype 10 years ago. He wanted his own ride, and he had a few requirements.

Christ says "that's gonna be a real motorcycle. It's gonna look like a bike. It's gonna work like a bike. It's gonna have everything I need."

So Christ took a Harley Davidson and converted it into a three wheeler. What he calls, a trike, a power-train ramp and custom built safety features put him in the drivers seat.

Christ says "all the brakes are tied to this one master cylinder on the handle bar right here."

Now he says he has 28 vendors interested in helping him market the handicap-accessible trike. He fashions the kit that bolts onto just about any Harley Davidson soft tail motorcycle from 1990 to the present.

Christ says "the kit starts at $15,000."

A price Christ thinks fellow speed lovers will find worth the results.

Christ says "you have a better avenue to allow you to enjoy your life. People cannot comprehend that they can have a full life. When they get behind the handle bars, they get back in control of their life."
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