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Job market looks better for new grads

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The job market for new college graduates may be turning around.   For the past few years, a lot of graduates have stayed in school to get their masters' degrees because of limited job options.  But their job search is getting easier, and it showed at a career fest at Albany State Thursday.

Monique Williams isn't just dressed to impress potential employers, she's here to see if they can impress her.  She said, "I came here to find the opportunity that will avail themselves."

Williams graduated from ASU last summer and has a job, but she's looking for even better opportunities.  She said, "You want to keep your options open so you are set for growth, you never know, something may come up, you never know."

But many of the students we spoke to Thursday know that NO is no longer the only word they'll be hearing from potential employers.  "I have found opportunities that are out there," said Terrell James.

James says while some companies still have hiring freezes in place, the job market itself is no longer frozen.  He said, "There are opportunities out there, you just have to find them."

And Marcus Wynn already has.  He has a job lined up upon his May graduation, but isn't willing to stop looking until he knows he's found the best fit, and would encourage others to do the same.

Wynn said, "In looking for jobs, not only ask for a job opportunity, but if there's an internship paid or unpaid."  These students say if you want to find the right job, don't sit around and wait on it to come to you, go find it. 

That's what Williams is doing.  She said, "I'm very optimistic.  Maybe something will come available so that's what I'm looking toward."

A new job and a better future, now that the job market has opened back up.

Here's a little more proof that the job market is beginning to thaw out, several of the vendors at the ASU careerFest Thursday were from out of state looking for new employees.

Dozens of vendors attended.  The event was open to all current ASU Students and Alumni, plus students from surrounding colleges.

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