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Thomasville construction project reaches a milestone.

By Stephen Abel - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - The medical community in Thomasville just raised the bar. Or should I say raised the beam. "It's kind of a symbolic ceremony signifying the end of the steel erection project for the north tower," said Archbold CEO Perry Mustian.

Archbold employees and the construction crew watched Thursday as a crane hoisted the highest steel beam on the new North Tower. "We had a beam that employees came out and signed. It was about 1,600 pounds. 24 feet long. At the end of the ceremony we had a couple of speeches and really had a nice luncheon for all the construction workers who were here. And than we lifted up that beam to the top and we had two guys that walked out on the very end there that apparently are fearless of heights and bolted that into place."

The North Tower is a modern replacement for key hospital services. "We're replacing our emergency department, our surgery department, our intensive care unit and also migrating a portion of the bed capacity out of older sections of the hospital."

The total cost of the project is 110 million dollars. "It's quite an investment in our community. This is the largest project that we've under taken as an organization. It's also the largest project in the history of Thomasville."

Mustian says the benefits are well worth the cost. "I think it helps us attract and retain top quality medical talent here. Whether that's physicians, whether that's ancillary support staff, nurses. You know I think you can't do that if you don't have quality facilities.

Mustian says the eight-story, 225,000 square foot addition will improve patient care substantially by increasing operational space and workflow efficiency.

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