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Douglas woman's murderer still at large after one year

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) –It is the first anniversary of a still-unsolved murder in Douglas. 32-year old Sandra Robinson was killed inside the Pre-paid Superstore in what police call an apparent robbery. To this day her killer is still on the lose.

Whoever killed Sandra Robinson took away a caring friend, a loving daughter, and a very devoted mother from those who love her most. [CG at 0:04:NameShamerican TownsendDaughter]

[CG at 0:07:NameTrakeveon RobinsonSon]

[CG at 0:15:NameDavid PollardSon]

[CG at 0:20:NameAquavious RobinsonSon]

[CG at 0:54:NameAutherene RobinsonMother]

Every night, these children go to bed wondering who killed their mom and why she was killed. "I don't know why they did that to my mom but I just cant hardly stand it," said David Pollard.

One year ago, their mother, 32-year old Sandra Robinson was found dead inside the pre-paid wireless store she worked at. "That's the day I will never forget," said Trey Robinson.

On March 17th, Robinson's boyfriend called 911 around 7:00 o'clock that night when he couldn't reach her at work. Police went to check on her, but the store was closed the doors were locked and inside, she was dead.

Until police catch whoever is responsible, her family will live without closure, "I would like to know who did it and I would like to see them put away so they couldn't do it to anyone else," said her mother Autherene Robinson.

It's an especially scary thought for Robinson's mother, who now is taking care of her four children. With a murderer on the run, she cant help but be over protective, "I really don't want nothing to happen to them," she said.

Robinson's death has been a challenge for investigators, "There are no witnesses which make it extremely difficult in trying to solve this case," said Police Chief Gary Casteloes.

And no one is talking on the streets, "Nobody has provided any information in reference to this case which is unusual," he said.

But one thing does stand out as unique. "Whoever did it locked the doors behind them," he said.

Everyone close to Robinson has been questioned, and at this point are not suspects.

With no witnesses and no leads, officers contacted Dr. Stan Crowder, an expert in solving cold cases to help gain a new perspective on the case.

Robinson's family is hopeful someone will finally pay for what they did to their mother.

A candlelight memorial service will be held on Friday, March 18, at 7:00 p.m. to honor Sandra Robinson.

The service will be held in the parking lot of Pre-Paid Wireless Super Store, where Robinson was working when she was killed.

We have more details now on the experts officers are bringing in to help find Sandra Robinson's killer.

Dr. Stan Crowder is an assistant professor of criminal justice at Kennesaw State University.

He's an expert in investigations involving serial killers and resolving cold homicide cases.

Officers hope he'll bring a new perspective to the case.

Next month, he'll do an assessment of the investigation and hopefully give officers advice on how to move forward and find the killer.

He was a former investigator with Cobb County, he does cold case assessments for Cobb County and also did a cold case assessment for Indiana on a double homicide which he helped solve.

Dr. Crowder is expected in Douglas April 18th.

The police department will only have to pay his hotel costs.

Over time, he plans to review all 12 unsolved cases in Douglas.

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