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Lee County Jail goes Pink!

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Another south Georgia jail is going pink.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals is joining the trend and changing the colors at his jail, from the walls to what inmates wear. Jails from Texas to Ohio to Ben Hill County have already gone pink, hoping to calm inmates down and head off problems.

Inmates Thursday, didn't seem to mind the new colors although on work details they prefer the orange jumpsuits maybe because they don't want to be caught in public wearing hot pink.

In Lee County they call it ugly orange, the jump suits, inmates still wear on work details, but those in the courtroom and the jail are sporting a new color, hot pink.

"I thought we were going to have some rejection to it but I hear that most of them were looking forward to going into the new outfits," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Why pink? Sheriff Reggie Rachals says there's some psychology behind it.

"For a calming and more soothing environment and it seems to work," said Rachals.

Sheriff Bobby McLemore who went pink last year was consulted.

"When I talked to the Sheriff in Ben Hill County he said it seems to work and shoot I said, 'If it works why not use it here?' said Rachals.

Female inmates, like the pink, but they're not crazy over the lime green they're now wearing.

"The color is, it's a lot brighter than the orange, so," said a Lee County female inmate.

They say the colors can be a deterrent.

"Oh yeah, I'm not coming back," said the inmate.

When the budget allows, Rachals also plans to paint the current cream walls in the pod areas, a Pepto-Bismol pink. He's added one way glass as a safety feature around guard stations and more work details to help improve inmates attitudes.

"To where they can get out and do work around here or out in the community like at the ball park, the Recreation Department they use, they have the use of inmates," said Rachals.

He says it helps save the county dollars, and improves inmate morale, giving them a chance to use their talents or gain new trades for when they're released.

The Sheriff also plans to change the uniform deputies are wearing. He'll keep the same shirts, but transition to black pants with a red stripe, to match the school's colors, giving the force more of a community feel.

Inmates say the two piece jumpsuits are better than the orange single jumpsuits. Sheriff Rachals isn't sure how soon he'll have the money to buy the paint, but he plans to use inmate labor to get the job done.

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