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Would you camp out all night for Pre-K?

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

LEESBURG,  GA (WALB) -  Today Lee County Pre-K opens the doors for registration. Year after year parents have camped out to make sure their child gets a spot.

However changes by Governor Deal to the Pre-K system could open even more slots. They have more than 200 openings this fall.

But if the bill By Gov. Deal is passed, that might add 20 available openings per class.

This was the line at 7am yesterday. Later it grew even longer. And 3 o'clock this morning, folks were still just hanging out.

"This is not my first time doing it. The education they provide makes it worth it," said Page Bartlett. 

"I'm trying to get my son in Pre-K. In the past I've seen the crowds, and didn't know what time to show up. So I just came out," said Chad Arnold. 

Lee County starts taking applications at 7am this morning. And these parents did not want to get caught sleeping on their child's education. "Well we have teachers with lots of experience and education. They've been on the job a long time. It's really about providing a quality education for the kids," said Lee County Pre-K Director Jan Duke. 

"I wanted to go ahead and get him registered in Lee County schools. So he'll get adjusted to and used to coming," said Father Chad Arnold.

"I went there my entire life. I observed how the Pre-K system works from when I was in school," said Bartlett.

She is a mother of four. And her son who was in Pre-K last year is advanced. "He's in Kindergarten and making A's on every piece of homework," said Bartlett.

Parents came ready for the camp out. They brought tents, heaters and food. "We brought a canopy and snacks with lots to drink. We've been preparing all week for it," said Arnold. 

"I'm having a blast out here. I see others sleeping. But I'm having a blast," said Bartlett. 

Besides if all parents were this committed to education. How different would all the school systems be?

Lee County Pre-K program takes applications on a first come first serve basis. They also plan to ask parents how they feel about funding, part of the 180 day school year.

Would you spend the night outside for your child's education?


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