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Verge is surging with new customers

Verge is a high end posh consignment store in downtown Albany. They're located in the old Church well's building on Washington.

After only being open a week, Verge has seen a surge in customers. Opening week the store made $2,000-$3,000.

They buy and sell men's, women's and kids clothing. The owners feel like if they supply it; people will come and buy it.

Verge consignment store had a pretty good opening week. "I can't complain, the people that were here did shop. We had a successful grand opening week," said Jessica Blair. @

Blair who is part owner grew up in Naples, Florida and has a passion for fashion. "I just love everything about fashion. My sister in law has a store in Naples. We have a long history of just loving fashion and trends," said Blair. 

When you walk in the store; it reminds you of Urban Outfitters. All of the decor are reclaimed pieces MERGED with new one's. "We've brought in the old, and mixing it with the new. That's what we plan to do here in the city; take the old and make it trendy," she said.

Mary Walton knows the history of Albany, because she's lived here for 30 years. Walton is excited about the new stores. "You talking about happy. Because I can't go to far on these cars, which are my feet I'm talking about," said Walton.

Consignments are by appointment on Mondays. You drop off things and wait to get paid. "So if you bring in say 100 things, and sell them all; we send a check," said Blair. 

And she hopes this surge of business will bring downtown back to it's former Glory."As we begin this trend of bringing new businesses in. I hope some day it will be like it's former days," she said. 

There's always a 50% chance that the store won't succeed. "I believe they can do it. And I pray to God they can. Because everybody don't have transportation," said Walton.

"If it does fail, which I don't think it will. We did our part. We put blood sweat and everything  into this," said Blair.

So next time you get the urge to splurge, stop by Verge. For consignments this month it's a 60/ 40 split. 60 for verge and 40 for the seller, which is pretty standard rate nationwide. @ 

Verge is donating 10% of all proceeds to Relay for Life. If you want more information visit Verge.

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