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Rifle season opens in GA

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –This weekend hundreds of anxious hunters, will grab their rifles and head into the woods hoping to bag that perfect deer. Gun season for deer opens Saturday in Georgia. It's something hunters say they look forward too for months.

Today, Chris Wilker went searching for last minute hunting supplies, "I'm looking for some guns, maybe even pick up some camouflage," he said.

He's learned a thing or two, hunting for 32 years. "Silence and you got to be scent free," he said.

So has Lenzie Gibson and his son, who plan on trying something new this year, "We are using peanut butter, we put it out today to see what will happen tomorrow," said Gibson.

But these hunters, along with hundreds of others share a common goal, "I want to get a big buck," said Wilker.

And what better time to find that buck than on the opening weekend of Rifle season. "We want to be out there at least about 5:00am in the morning," said Gibson.

Tomorrow hundreds of hunters will head out into the woods, bright and early with their guns in tow, but rangers stress it could become dangerous if you don't follow the rules, "Make sure you have permission to be on someone property a lot of hunting accidents occur that way," said DNR Ranger Ben Roberts.

Roberts says year after year he sees the same mistakes, "Hunting without orange vest, hunting over corn or bait and hunting without a license," he said.

But when you safely get the deer you want, Phillip Abbot says you can bring it to him for processing.

He's expecting a very busy weekend, and estimates by Monday he'll have 70 deer ready for processing. "By Monday this cooler behind us should be about half full," said Abbot, of Abbot's Food Center.

But he says hunters need to pay attention to where they shoot the deer, "The best spot is behind the shoulder in the rib cage area," he said.

Because it can make a big difference in the amount of meat you get.

Abbott says you do not want to shoot a deer in the shoulder. Shooting it in the shoulder may destroy a large portion of meat. 

Abbot says if you do not want to eat the meat, there are several organizations you can donate that meat to that would be very appreciative.

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