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Two more Albany 911 dispatchers fired

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Two more Albany 911 Dispatchers have been fired for misusing the Georgia Crime Information Center.

That's four dispatchers now who've been caught running illegal background checks and wrongfully accessing the Crime information Center database.

Tonight, the people in charge of the 911 center say they will get rid of anyone who breaks the law and will work to make sure 911 dispatchers are honest and trustworthy.

911 operators go through a lengthy hiring process."They have to consent to a GCIC and NCIC background checks, we also run their fingerprints," said Charlotte Floyd, 911 Communications manager.

They take polygraph tests where they are asked whether they've ever been a party to a crime, used drugs, been a member of a gang. "They go through a similar process any law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia has to go through,"said Chief James Carswell.

And after they're hired, they work under close supervision for six to eight months because the information 911 dispatchers have access to through GCIC and through 911 calls is highly confidential, and not to be shared.

"They can check your drivers history, they can check if you have any warrants and they can see if there is any court actions out there, it really just gives the individuals criminal history,"said Floyd.

"They know they have to leave the information here, some information they cant even share with their spouses, or family," said Carswell.

And if they do share information, they will face consequences.

Jeanita Fulmore, LaToya Smith Natasha Hightower, and Jasmeny Ogletree have all now been fired as 911 employees for abusing the system and conducting unauthorized and inappropriate back ground checks. "We think we are getting the best quality employee for the job but even the best screening doesn't prevent an employee from doing something down the road," said Carswell.

These latest two who were fired have the right to appeal.

Everything that comes into and goes out over the phone system or radio is tape recorded and time stamped. But now officials are discussing the possibility of banning cell phones from the center to prevent any other information from getting out.

Chief Carswell says the majority of those working at the 911 center have done their job properly.

Right now officials are in the process of interviewing for some of their open slots.

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