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Goat farmer says dog shooting was justified

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) –A Berrien County man is found guilty of animal cruelty for shooting and killing his neighbor's dog. He says he was just protecting his livestock.

57-year-old Jeff Futch was found guilty by a Berrien County jury of shooting and killing a neighbor's Labrador retriever last summer.

Futch says he killed the dog to protect his goats from a dog, he says, was acting aggressively.

"The stray one was snapping and biting and growling trying to bite through the trailer and goats, trying to reach the big ones," said Futch.

Prosecutors argued that Futch shot and killed at least three other dogs in the past, but Futch says he had permission from law officers because the dogs were strays.

Berrien County law officers say people shouldn't just open fire when they see a dog on their property.

"If it's just crossing your property, that's not a reason to shoot the animal," said Berrien County Lt. Larry Tabor.

Futch says he was only protecting his goats and he's now considering getting out of the goat business. Jeff Futch will be sentenced October 5th.

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