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Pit bull attacks and kills chained dog


By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) –A pit bull broke free of its chains and attacked and killed another pit bull in a Bainbridge neighborhood Tuesday.

Police are now looking for the attacking dog's owners.

But they say it's difficult because many people own illegally tethered dogs in that area.

Some people told us they worry the next time a dog breaks free, it'll go after a person.

Tuesday afternoon, police say a pit bull broke free of its chains and ended up behind this house on Columbia Street in Bainbridge, looking for a fight.

"A dog attacking another dog? It's frightening to tell you the truth," admits concerned neighbor Deborah Anthony.

"Well, I knew we had dogs in the neighborhood but I've never heard of them getting out and hurting somebody," says another neighbor, Euzema Anderson.

Authorities say the fight wasn't a fair match up between the two pit bulls.

The chained dog had about twenty pounds on it's attacker, but because it was tethered and had its teeth filed down, the smaller pit bull had an overwhelming advantage. It went straight for its victim's throat and was still attacking when animal control arrived.

Their only option was to calm down the dog.

Officials say dogs like these that have been constantly tethered end up being more aggressive than others. And if it weren't for those chains, they would attack a stranger like me for entering their territory.

"I think a lot of times we give all those dogs a bad rep depending on how they're raised," Anderson believes. "With a lot of them being in confined spaces, they can have quite a temper sometimes than the ones walking around in a bigger yard."

Now people living in this neighborhood fear another attack, possibly on a human next time.

"It is worse now knowing they could break loose," says Anthony.

The dog's owners will have to pay a fine within ten days or it will be put down, an ending some people don't want for the dog.

"I think if it had attacked someone or harmed a child, then naturally yes, it's probably a good thing to do it so it doesn't do it again," explains Anderson.

In the meantime, they hope these chains are as strong as they look.

Once investigators determine who owns the attacking dog, they'll issue citations.

Authorities say several dog owners in the area, including the owner of the dog that died, may be cited for violating the new city tethering ordinance passed just two weeks ago.

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