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Most of nation under deep freeze

(NBC) - A deep freeze is gripping the majority of the country, complete with bitter cold, dangerous icy roads and record snow.

In upstate New York, lake effect snowfall is making its mark in a big way. In Fulton, NY, more than four feet of snow buried cars and homes. Salt trucks are working around the clock and the snow keeps falling.

The arctic blast delivered bone-chilling temperatures to the upper plains and Midwest with double digit below zero readings in some states.

Near East Dundee, IL, the cold snap caused ice jams on the Fox River, and sent water overflowing its banks.

Plows in Hastings, NE, could not compete with towering snow drifts.

In much of the Southeast temperatures dipped to near or below freezing. Homeless shelters were overcrowded in Charlotte, NC, due to the cold, and in Florida, the cold snap threatened citrus crops and caused people to grab their jackets.

"If you have the right clothes on and a little hot apple cider you can do it," said Candice Lewis of Palm Beach.

January's bite and snowy start are a big change from the mild fall - a snap that has forecasters concerned the U.S. could be bracing for the worst winter in 25 years.

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