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Sleepy Hollow wedding killed by pastor

(NBC) – A couple from New York who planned to have their dream wedding in Sleepy Hollow, famous for ghosts and mystery, has had their wedding called off after the pastor refused to participate.

Jeff Gargano, who serves as pastor of the Old Dutch church,  told the couple he could not participate after seeing the couple’s music selection. 

"He was offended apparently by the Munsters and the Addams Family which we find kind of ironic being where we're standing right now," said groom Jim Nieves. 

The pastor said he felt that some parts of the wedding theme were appropriate, but that a line had to be drawn somewhere.

"Not all secular music would be inappropriate in a wedding. Some can be done. But we felt those two particular pieces - kind of ditties- were disrespectful," said Gargano.

Gargano said he tried to be cooperative and offered the couple other options. Among them, he said he would marry the two in the church graveyard.

The couple said no and has decided to be married on Halloween in their home.

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