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Good energy day studies social network marketing

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - New ideas in business marketing and potential jobs for college students were the subject as Albany State University hosted the first Good Energy Day.

Experts in new business marketing, especially using technology like twitter, facebook, you-stream, and other social networking tools spoke to a full auditorium of students. Like David Bullock, who wrote a book on how Barack Obama used social media and other user generated content to help win the Presidential Election.

Bullock said "Where you had people creating songs and parodies and videos, and taping their own take on what was happening in the market place. You had all this word of mouth going, which is really what made the whole thing work."

These marketing experts say that business are looking for young tech experts to sell their products on social media used by young people. The Good Energy Day forum was broadcast on the Interent by the University.

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