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  1. Family and friends remember Rosie Gaskins

    …Family and friends of Rosie Gaskins walked down Main Street ……said Mattie Courdle, Rosie 's mother. Four ……investigators discovered Gaskins ' body in her car in ……The person who murdered Rosie Gaskins has never been caught …

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  2. Gaskins murder still unsolved after four years

    …unsolved. 26-year-old Rosie Courdle Gaskins was shot to death inside her ……fields, and crime scene where Rosie Courdle Gaskins was found shot to death in her ……those leads panned out, and Rosie Gaskins ' murder goes unavenged. …

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  3. Searchers work a year old murder case

    …solve a year old murder case. 26-year old Rosie Courdle Gaskins was shot to death inside her car last March. Her ……combed the woods, fields, and crime scene where Rosie Courdle Gaskins was found shot to death in her car March 7, 2010 …

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  4. Willacoochee woman's murder remains unsolved

    …A new plea for help to solve the murder of a young Willacoochee mother nearly a year ago. 26-year-old Rosie Gaskins was found shot to death in her car near Spring Head Church Road last March. Atkinson County Sheriff David Moore …

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  5. Willacoochee murder still unsolved

    …evidence to help them find 26-year-old Rosie Gaskins ' killer. "We're looking at anything ……just a shock to the community," said James Gaskins . James Gaskins isn't related to Rosie but is a customer of the store. He says …

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  6. Candlelight walk set for murder victim

    …WALB) Family & friends of Rosie Courdle Gaskins are inviting the public to a ……honor. 26-year-old Rosie Gaskins , a mother of three young children ……innocent victims." While Rosie Gaskins is the focus of this vigil …

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  7. Murder victim's family plans candlelight walk

    …family plans a candlelight walk. 26-year old Rosie Gaskins was found dead in her car on Spring Head Church Road ……is asking you for help. If you saw or spoke to Rosie Gaskins in the days before her murder, please contact the …

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  8. Willacoochee murder victim was shot

    …GA (WALB) - Authorities say that 26-year-old Rosie Gaskins , whose body was found in her car Sunday in Willacoochee ……Down a dirt path off Springhead Church Road is where Gaskins was discovered. She was found dead in the driver …

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  9. Atkinson Co. investigators search for clues in Willacoochee murder

    … Tuesday they'll search Willacoochee for clues that might lead them to the person who killed 26-year old Rosie Gaskins . She was shot to death in her car last March. Investigators say they won't leave any stone unturned …

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  10. Family speaks out in homicide investigation

    …Willacoochee when he found 26-year-old Rosie Gaskins sitting unresponsive in the drivers ……hours including her husband Clarence Gaskins . "Everything is up in the ……young woman is a big deal." Gaskins lived with her mom Mattie and her …

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