3 arrested in Bainbridge drug bust

3 arrested in Bainbridge drug bust

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Three people were arrested and charged after Bainbridge Public Safety (BPS) investigators said they witnessed a drug transaction at College Street Park and Playground.

According to a Facebook post by BPS, Tina Gainous, 45, of Bainbridge, Charles Sheffield Jr., 43, of Colquitt, and Thelma Lamb, 44, of Colquitt, are all facing charges after officials said Lamb was at the park to purchase drugs from Gainous and Sheffield.

BPS said investigators noticed Gainous park a vehicle in the parking lot and got out, holding “a small white package" and got into the passenger side of a pickup truck driven by Lamb.

At the same time, BPS investigators said, they saw Sheffield roll down the window on the passenger side of Gainous’ vehicle and drop a small plastic package onto the ground.

The post says that’s when one of the investigators approached the pickup truck and smelled marijuana and asked Gainous and Lamb to step out of the vehicle.

The investigator said he saw the small white package Gainous was carrying on the floorboard when she got out of the truck.

BPS said the package had 39 Hydrocodone pills inside.

The investigator said he then walked over to Gainous’ vehicle and retrieved the package BPS said Sheffield had dropped from the passenger window. It had 14 Hydrocodone pills inside, according to BPS.

Sheffield was asked to get out of the vehicle and was arrested, the post stated.

BPS said investigators learned that Lamb was at the park to purchase Hydrocodone pills from Gainous and Sheffield.

Officers said they also found several bags of marijuana inside the pickup trucks console.

All three suspects were taken to Bainbridge Public Safety Headquarters.

Below are the charges each one is facing:

  • Gainous:
  • Sheffield:
  • Lamb:

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