Police force in Lumpkin, GA reduced to one after all other officers resign in protest

LUMPKIN, GA (WTVM) - Only one police officer remains in Lumpkin, GA after the rest of the police force resigns in protest.

Lumpkin Mayor Jimmy Babb says the force that was made up of six officers is now just comprised of one.

Mayor Babb says the officers who resigned are doing so in protest of the fired police chief.

Police Chief John Tyler was fired by the Lumpkin City Council and the officers quit on Monday, Mar. 11.

Mayor Babb says residents should not be concerned about their safety as the Stewart County Sheriff’s Office will step in to cover patrol until more officers can be hired.

Sheriff’s deputies will also be working on their days off to make sure the city is covered.

The Lumpkin Police Department is already accepting applications and is hoping to have new officers hired within the next two weeks.

Mayor Babb says City Council has a Work Session scheduled for 6:00 PM on March 25th at City Hall. He says the issue of the Police Officers resigning will likely be discussed by the council and concerned citizens at that meeting.

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