City leaders stand by city manager pay raise

Albany City Manager Raise

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany’s city manager will make an additional $25,000 next year.

City Manager Sharon Subadan will now make $200,000 a year starting in January.

The salary increase was approved in a four to one vote back on Nov. 13.

Some people have taken to social media to express their outrage over the Albany city leader's pay raise.

“I think the citizens are more important right now than a raise,” said Jesse Brown, an Albany resident.

Subadan has been Albany’s city manager for three years now, making $175,000 a year.

But soon she’ll be making an additional $25,000.

“She’s the CEO of a community that’s got a $279 million budget,” said B.J. Fletcher, Ward 3 city commissioner.

And $200,000 of that money will now be going towards Subadan’s yearly salary.

“I’m telling you, for us to keep people of her caliber, to keep the momentum going, it was a decision we made and we were very comfortable making it,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher said that compared to city managers of other Southwest Georgia cities, Subadan was making less than them. But she said Albany is a comparatively big city, with even bigger problems for Subadan to solve.

“Under her supervision, we are much further than where we would have been in the past,” said Fletcher.

But, it may take more than this to convince some that this was a decision worth making. Especially as many here are still recovering after Hurricane Michael and now with this past weekend’s flooding.

“Me being a worker, I understand a raise, but I think that’s more of a concern right now, at this point this is just getting ridiculous to be honest,” said Brown.

In comparison, Fletcher said to look at Thomasville’s city manager’s salary of $190,000.

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