Albany Tech celebrates Veterans Day

Albany Tech celebrates Veterans Day

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People all around Southwest Georgia are getting an early start on Veterans Day ceremonies.

Albany Tech wants to make sure its students know how important Veterans Day is, so on Thursday, the school hosted a Veterans Day ceremony.

Albany Technical College President Dr. Anthony Parker said that making sure the students understand history is very important.

“This is an event that young people need to participate in. If an individual has no knowledge through their own experience, you have to describe what happened through history and this is an opportunity to pass along those things that some of us who are a bit older who have experience. In a while it will be an opportunity for you to pass along those things that you have observed," said Parker.

The ceremony had two speakers that stressed the importance of students not getting distracted when it comes to learning about history and Dr. Parker wants to make sure students know how important veterans are.

“It is important to remember those individuals because they were people who, men and women made a sacrifice who did not turn away and didn’t run away but did what they needed to do for all of us," said Parker.

Parker said that the entire community needs to know how important our veterans are.

“We have an opportunity to celebrate something that is important in this community, not just at Albany Tech but in each part of the community. We have an opportunity to use events like Veterans Day to think about the sacrifices that people have made for us," Parker explained.

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