Law firm invests $5 million in downtown Valdosta

Downtown Valdosta foot traffic

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - One South Georgia business is investing over $5 million into Valdosta.

Coleman Talley Attorneys hosted a ribbon cutting for its newly renovated facility in downtown.

Earlier, community leaders and officials gathered outside the Coleman Talley building to celebrate the opening of the new office space.

“We’re a Valdosta firm. We’ve always been here in Valdosta. The growth of our firm is directly connected to the growth of Valdosta. We’re so blessed to be a part of the city. We didn’t want to invest anywhere else but downtown Valdosta," said Tim Tanner, a partner at Coleman Talley Firm.

The firm will be bringing a staff of about 60 employees to downtown Valdosta who will be working and spending in the downtown area, not to mention its clients who will be visiting from across the region.

“Coleman Talley, they’re a regional firm. They have business all the way up to Atlanta, so they’ll be bringing in people from all over the state into downtown Valdosta," said City Spokesperson Ashlyn Becton.

The firm’s office used to be in downtown and now it’s back to invest in the downtown community.

“We didn’t look anywhere else. We had the options, obviously, of going outside of the city limits or going on the north side, but we thought it was highly important to invest in our downtown. We’re glad to be a part of it. It’s thriving down here. We’re just glad to be a part of that excitement," said Tanner.

The space is about 22,000 square feet and located near the corner of South Ashley Street and Hill Avenue in the Historic Downtown area.

“It fit the needs we had. It was large enough, it has available parking, so we’re just glad to be down here. We’re glad to renovate it and make it part of the community again," Tanner explained.

Opening about three weeks ago, partners shared that they wanted to be a part of the thriving downtown life and that they didn’t want to invest anywhere else.

“We park about 60 additional individuals down here everyday, so that’s about 60 individuals that can eat lunch, that can shop," said Tanner.

The building costed about $5 million to renovate and took about two years to finish.

Officials said it’s just the beginning for downtown.

“We’ve had five businesses, Coleman Talley being included in this, open in the past six months, so that’s incredible. Just the morale in downtown is a lot better. We’re getting people in these shops and they’re just becoming an example of the live, work, play," said Becton.

City officials maintain that Coleman Talley is setting a precedent to prove that those larger scale industries can and should move into the downtown area.

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