Seminole Co. still on the road to recovery after Hurricane Michael

Seminole Co. cleanup effort

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Seminole County continues to gain outside help as the recovery process moves full steam ahead.

Two weeks after Hurricane Michael, there are still tons of debris and downed power lines left behind.

Dozens of contractors have been hired to help remove trees, many of them came from all over Georgia and neighboring states.

But, one group said they were contracted out of Michigan and have been in the area since just after the storm came through on Oct. 10.

Joe Nespodzany works for Service Master Recovery Management which is a national company that restores damaged property. He said he was hired by the Seminole County School System to repair and beautify the schools again.

(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

Even though Nespodzany is from Michigan, his crew is made up of people from Bainbridge and Seminole County.

Between Monday and Tuesday, they bagged over 150 bags of debris at just one school.

Nespodzany said this type of recovery process is much different than what a normal day entails, so when he arrived in Donalsonville, he was speechless.

“You can’t really describe it. You know, what I’m normally seeing on TV at home is nothing like seeing it in 3D. And I can’t believe how much time it’s taking everybody, this is going to be months,” said Nespodzany.

Like Nespodzany, everyone is working diligently to restore power, clean the roads and put the town back together again.

For weeks, most if not all residents in Seminole County were without power. As of last week, little by little, more homes and businesses have had their power restored.

As of Tuesday, according to Three Notch, an electric membership corporation, they now have under 1,000 customers who are still without power.

Linemen continue to work diligently as they restore traffic and street lights across the county, making the heavily trafficked areas much safer for drivers and pedestrians.

However, there is still much more work left to do, but as Seminole County continues to get outside help, this county will soon be back to normal.

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