Indians football serving hope to storm-affected Seminole County

Seminole County is facing top two teams in the region in the same week thanks to Hurricane Michael

Seminole County football weathering its storm-affected schedule

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Seminole County’s next two games will be their toughest.

Mitchell County and Pelham are both undefeated in the region-- a combined 13-0.

And due to Hurricane Michael, the games will be played on Tuesday and Friday respectively.

An unprecedented task for a team that’s playing for the heart of its recovering town.

Every hit has a little more pop. Every movement is with purpose.

There’s no time to waste. Seminole County’s preparing for 2 teams this week. and they’re doing it in a bit of an unfamiliar environment.

“These cots, these guys are from the Army,” said senior linebacker Shamal Hopkins.

Since the storm hit, the Indians field house has also been housing the National Guard, linemen and others helping restore Donalsonville post-Hurricane Michael.

It hasn’t distracted the (5-2) Indians from the race for the playoffs.

“Lining up, watching film, running through stuff. Coach has been calm. that’s good,” said Hopkins.

Head Coach Wes Williams is having to implement a gameplan for two at practice.

Couple that with the fact that many players only recently got power back, over a dozen haven't been able to show up since the storm and all of them are spending their time away from the field cleaning debris.

"It's almost impossible to be completely prepared, so what we've decided to do is do what we've done all year."

Hurricane Michael was unforgiving to Their hometown.

“Nothing looks the same and it wont for a while,” said senior offensive lineman Payton Bishop.

That's why the Indians are being unrelenting. They're fighting not just to make the playoffs, but to make an impact.

“Aint a lot going on, nobody’s smiling, Just give them something good in their lives,” Bishop added.

“Stay up, no downs. No negativity just positive things. Everything postive," said senior linebacker Tymir Groomes.

That's the message from Williams to the Indians.

And he feels his young men have gained plenty of perspective through a taxing time.

“The community’s had to rely on their neighbors, and there’s been no division. Nobody’s been taking hot showers, nobody was eating well,” said Williams.

Every Indian is playing his heart out for a community that needs it now, more than ever.

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