Shellman in need after Hurricane Michael

Shellman Storm Recovery

SHELLMAN, GA (WALB) - Hurricane Michael left devastation in the town of Shellman.

Mayor Paul Langford says it is going to take months to repair the damage.

“Forty-one homes were damaged. Four of those were totally damaged beyond prepare," said Langford.

He said this is only the beginning.

Right now they have dozens of families without food or water and the power is still out.

But he says patience is key.

And that he's doing everything he can to make sure the town gets the help it needs.

“I think it is a shame that Randolph County has not been FEMA designated. We need the individual assistance. Over eighty percent of our population is lower income," says Langford.

Without FEMA resources, Langford says it could take years for the community to recover from Hurricane Michael.

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