Reading is cool at one southwest Georgia school

Reading is cool at one southwest Georgia school
Students at Garrison-Pilcher had fun at the 10th annual Reading Rally (Source: WALB)

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Thomas County High School students made a special stop at Garrison-Pilcher Elementary Thursday morning for their 10th annual Reading Rally.

They wanted to help get the kids excited about reading and school.

The students got popcorn, read books, and even got books signed by the high schoolers.

Principal Sharonda Wilson said reading is crucial to academic growth, and they wanted to make sure their students understand that.

“To see how important reading is because it takes them throughout high school and life. So it’s just a partnership to celebrate reading and also encourage reading," said Wilson.

Wilson says structuring the event like a pep rally gets students interested in academics at an early age and shows them learning can be fun.

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