Water, meals given out by Red Cross, Sheriff’s office in Worth County

Worth Co. Recovery process

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - While crews work to restore power in Worth County, the Sheriff’s Office partnered with the American Red Cross to distribute water and meals to the public.

For several days now, they’ve served Worth County residents with hot meals, water, and made ready to eat meals.

Twelve to 14 loads of water covered the Ag Pavilion at Isabella.

Deputies also took meals and water to folks who are disabled or don’t have transportation.

WALB spoke with Sheriff Donald Whitaker who said they will stop when the need stops.

“We just want to make sure everybody in the county gets taken care of. A lot of people are still without electricity. I understand that only five of the 19 substations, and it may be more now, but as of yesterday five of the 19 substations were up, so that still leaves a lot of people without power,” said Whitaker.

He said Monday night, crews were serving until midnight.

For today, they are looking to stop serving around 7:30, or until there is nothing left.

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