Donalsonville residents begin to pick-up the pieces

Donalsonville residents begin to pick-up the pieces
Most of the trees on Bell's property were destroyed (Source: WALB)

DONALSONVILLE, GA (WALB) - Day two of the aftermath from Hurricane Michael and much of Southwest Georgia is still in complete destruction.

Everyone that WALB spoke with on Friday in Donalsonville were in good spirits.

They’re clearing their yards and roadways the best they can, to try and put this town back together again.

One resident, Tim Bell told us when he stepped outside his house Thursday morning he looked around and says he didn’t know where to start.

Hurricane Michael ripped through Donalsonville with such force that some buildings were almost completely wiped out, but Bell tells me he feels blessed that the tall trees in his yard fell away from his house.

“As we got out and drove around town, we were just shocked at all of the damage. And, although this looks awful it’s really not as bad as some of the other areas in our community," said Bell.

I'm in Decatur and Seminole Counties, today but, currently I'm in Donalsonville. Hurricane Michael has taken a toll on South West Georgia. Now, we start the recovery process.

Posted by Paige Dauer WALB on Friday, October 12, 2018

He said when the trees began snapping and cracking Wednesday night, that’s when he and his family become worried for their safety.

Luckily, there was no major damage to his house. However, he knows there is a long road ahead until things are back to normal.

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