Baconton Charter home stadium near completion

Baconton Charter home stadium near completion
The Blazers have been awaiting the construction of their new football stadium all summer/fall.

Baconton, GA (WALB) - Baconton Charter has played its home football games at Centennial Stadium in Camila since it’s football program begin in 2010.

In about a month, they'll finally play games in their own stadium.

The Blazers expect their football stadium to be complete by early October.

This will save Baconton the $4,000 per season it costs to play at Centennial.

Randy Grace expects an initial capacity of around 1 thousand, but there’s plan for expansion.

“It’ll pack out, and we’re going to have more seating than what you see right now to go along the sides,” said Grace at Wednesday’s practice.

"There will be more bleachers and stuff down the side and we’ll eventually get where they build it down the side as well, but its a process, just like building a team, everything is a process.

The project would've been complete sooner, but one of the light poles were struck by lightning last week.

The stadium will get broken in October 19th when they play homecoming vs. Stewart County.

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